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Learn web development by building three unique projects in two weeks within a supportive community. No prior experience necessary — join the cohort today.

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December 6th

Join us before spots run out.


2 week commitment

1-2 hrs/day for two weeks. Get immersed in the process.

Final product

3 practical projects

Learn from 5 exclusive live webinars and 35+ tutorials.

This course is

For Beginners

No experience neccessary. Level up your skills today.

An immersive learning experience

Create 3 projects in 14 days.

Learn by doing

We're not your typical online course or coding bootcamp. You'll complete three unique web development projects of your interest by following our tutorials and workshops.

Stay accountable

Build your projects within a community of learners just like you. Get inspired, work with others, ask for feedback, and ship your finished projects for everyone to see!

Supportive community

Once you join our community, we're here for you at every step. Interact with other learners and mentors as you go about your coding journey.

Two weeks. Perfectly structured.

Learn to code by building real projects.

Web development cohort
14 day plan
Day 0

Before we begin, we'll schedule a short 10 minute phone call to onboard you to get the most out of the cohort.

Day 1

On the first day, we'll introduce the program and explain logistics. Then, you'll build your first website with HTML and CSS during our live workshop. All workshops are recorded so you can view them later.

Days 2-4
Project #1

Your first project is building your own personal website. On days 2 and 3, you'll learn more web development and set-up your computer with the tools such as Git, an integrated development environment, and Netlify.

Days 5-9
Project #2

You can then choose a beginner or intermediate level web development project from our catalog to tackle. During this time, you'll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, including building a calculator and using an API to fetch news data.

Days 9-13
Project #3: Capstone

Your last project can either be another web development project from Enlight or one of your own ideation — it's up to you. During this time, you'll learn about databases for web apps and have the chance to add more advanced features to your project.

Day 14
Demo Day

It's time to present your creation! Share your final project with the community on December 20th.

Online courses. Reimagined.

Welcome to the cohort.

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Interact with the community

See what your peers are building, talk to mentors, and ask for feedback to make the most out of the Enlight Community. You can also team up with another learner and work on projects together.

Focus on what you are interested in

This is a personalized experience. You choose what projects you want to work on — we'll be there to help at every step.

Shashwat's Instagram Marketing Page

Jacquelyn's React Weather App

Ilan's Product Shape App

Finish with three projects worth sharing

Instead of learning theory and syntax, we focus on the application. By the end of the program, you'll have three polished projects worth sharing.

Join hundreds learning on Enlight

Hear why learners love the cohort.

"During the course, the 'learning by doing' methodology came to life — this experience pushed me to put learning to practice."

testimonialAashishData and Tech Strategist

"Enlight allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment that you were able to create something on your own."

testimonialIlanProduct Manager

"There's always someone in the community willing to help answer questions, debug, or just appreciate what I'm working on."

testimonialErinGeorgia Institute of Technology

"Previously, I didn't build my own projects because I lacked confidence and didn't know where to start. With Enlight, I've built up more passion to create side projects of my own."

testimonialJacquelynSwarthmore University

"Through this experience, I was able to understand that I was not behind, but rather that I had never been exposed to coding concepts in a hands-on environment."

testimonialNehaUniversity of Michigan

"My Enlight experience provided me with a tangible skillset which strengthened my ability to succeed in my current profession and advance my career."

testimonialDivyaProduct Manager

Get ready to level up

You've got the will, we've got the way.

Cohort #5

Web Development

December 6th — December 20th




  • Build 3 practical projects
  • Attend 5 live workshops
  • Exclusive community
  • Project recommendations
  • Certificate of completion

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Cohort Instructors & Mentors

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Our team is very experienced in web development (HTML, CSS, JS, React.js, Flask). Our mentors have completed the cohort themselves — giving them the unique perspective of a once beginner.

Questions? We got you

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this cohort for?

This cohort is for anyone who wants to pick up basic Web Development skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). The course is designed for beginner programmers to focus on what they are interested in building, no matter their level of experience.

When does the cohort start and end?

The cohort will start on December 6th and run until December 20th.

What is the time commitment?

You can expect to commit an average of 1 hour per day — because of the unique blend of a live community with project deadlines, you can choose when and how to commit most of your time.

When are the events?

All live events take place at 8:00 PM ET on the Enlight website. However, if you can't make a certain event, no worries! You can always watch a recording.

What will I learn?

You will learn the fundamentals of web development by completing three hands-on projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After completion, you'll have gained the skills and confidence to build even more projects!

What do I need to join?

Just a laptop and energy to learn! We run the program using the Enlight website and our Discord community.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes — if interested, please email ( and let us know why you're interested! Spots for this opportunity are offered on a case by case basis.

Got another question?

Find us in the Discord community or send a message to with your question. We're happy to answer anything that's on your mind.

What are you waiting for?

Join hundreds who have taken the web development cohort and start building real projects today.