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Learn web development by building three unique projects in two weeks within a supportive community. No prior experience necessary — join the cohort today.

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April 4th

Join us before spots run out.


2 week commitment

1-2 hrs/day for two weeks. Get immersed in the process.

Final product

3 practical projects

Learn from 5 exclusive live workshops and a library of projects.

This course is

For Beginners

No experience neccessary — level up your skills today!

An immersive learning experience

Build 3 projects in 14 days.

Learn by doing

We're not your typical online course or coding bootcamp. You'll complete three unique web development projects of your interest by following our tutorials and workshops.

Stay accountable

Build your projects within a community of learners just like you. Get inspired, work with others, ask for feedback, and ship your finished projects for everyone to see!

Supportive community

Once you join our community, we're here for you at every step. Interact with learners and mentors as you go about your coding journey.

Don't spend thousands of dollars on a bootcamp.

Get a two-week introduction to frontend web development and gain the essential technical skills you need to advance your career — lifetime access to all content.

Join hundreds learning on Enlight

Don't just take our word for it.

During the course, the learning by doing methodology came to life.


Research Analyst, Edunomics Lab

Enlight allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Product Manager, Cority

With Enlight, I've built up more passion to create side projects of my own.


Software Engineering, HubSpot

I was able to understand coding concepts in a hands-on environment.


Engineering, Warmilu

My Enlight experience provided me with a tangible skillset.


Product Manager, GamingMonk

Learners from the best organizations level up their skills on Enlight

Beyond just the basics

We'll go over everything you need to know.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Git & GitHub
  • Netlify
  • Firebase
  • APIs
  • IDEs

Two weeks. Perfectly structured.

Learn to code by building real projects.

14 Day Plan

A short 10 minute phone call to onboard you to get the most out of the cohort.

Day 1
Kickoff (2 hours)

Introduction to the program – build your first website with HTML and CSS during our live workshop.

Days 2-4
Project #1 (3 hours)

Learn Git, setup your computer for coding, and learn more web development fundamentals. Publish your personal website as your first project.

Days 5-9
Project #2 (4 hours)

Learn JavaScript fundamentals by building a calculator and a news reader. Choose a beginner Enlight project to work on your own.

Days 9-13
Project #3: Capstone (4 hours)

Learn about databases for web apps and complete your third project, which can be from Enlight or one of your own ideation.

Day 14
Demo (1 hour)

It's time to present your creation! Share your final project with the community on April 18th.

Meet your instructors

We're good at what we do.


Samay Shamdasani

Samay has experience building the Enlight platform and co-instructing the past five cohorts, which collectively have had over 200 learners. He's worked as a frontend engineer at DataCamp and is experienced in React.js, HTML/CSS, Node.js, & more.


Maxim Geller

Max has experience building the Enlight platform and co-instructing the past five cohorts, which collectively have had over 200 learners. He's worked as an engineer at Georgia Tech's Research Institute and is experienced in HTML/CSS, Flask, Python, & more.

and our community mentors are here to support you.

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You'll be blown away

Check out what our learners have built — with no coding experience.


Personal Dashboard

Jessie SinghCohort 5


Web Paint App

Breanna BoersmaCohort 5


Geolocation Weather App

Kathy ZhangCohort 5


Twitter Bot

Elizabeth LoeherCohort 5


Personal Website

Matt MawsonCohort 5



Rain TarangoCohort 3

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